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Mold Inspections in Palm Harbor

Identifying the Source & Breadth of a Mold Infestation

Has your home recently been damaged by water or flooding from a natural disaster? If so, you may have noticed some of the signs of mold growth. It is important that you speak with a Pinellas County water damage restoration and mold remediation specialist as quickly as possible to determine if there is mold growing in your home and to get to work cleaning it up. At The Mold Guys, we have the proper training, equipment, and expertise to complete a thorough inspection of your entire property.

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Our Mold Inspection Process

In order to properly spot or eliminate a mold problem, the first two steps are a mold inspection and then mold testing. This allows our experts to figure out if mold exists and where it is coming from. If some type of water damage occurred, such as flooding as a result of a broken pipe, we can use this information to determine what type of remediation is necessary. Fortunately, we use a multi-step strategy and high-quality equipment to eliminate mold problems despite the severity.

Our mold inspection process includes the following steps:

  • Estimate: We begin by visually looking around your home, including your floors, ceiling, and walls. This allows us to assess the visible damage and provide you with a proposal of what it will take to remove the mold.
  • Testing: If we can see visible mold or suspect that there is toxic mold due to symptoms you are experiencing, we can undergo lab testing of the air in your home.
  • Whole home inspection: If we cannot see mold within your home but still suspect that it is there, we will follow the procedures which are necessary for further testing. We can also look for water intrusion points.

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